Isle of Wight County Darts Association - Super League 2019/2020 (issue 1b)
01-Sep-19 County Away Nothumberland 02-Feb-20 C v F G v D B v H A v E Draw by 7.45pm 
08-Sep-19 Selsey England Open 09-Feb-20 County Away Pembrokeshire  Games commence by 8pm
15-Sep-19  A v B C v D E v F G v H 16-Feb-20 G v C H v D F v A  E v B
22-Sep-19 H v F C v A  D v B E v G 23-Feb-20 E v D B v F A v G C v H
29-Sep-19 SOUTH OF ENGLAND DARTS OPEN (Bembridge) 01-Mar-20 County Home Leicestershire New players can be
06-Oct-19 B v C E v H A v D F v G 08-Mar-20 C v E H v A G v B D v F registered on the night
13-Oct-19 County Home Breconshire 15-Mar-20 Free Week County & Super League
20-Oct-19 C v G D v H A v F B v E 22-Mar-20 Mothering Sunday forms & team sheets
27-Oct-19 Free week 29-Mar-20 County Away Shropshire must be forwarded to S/L
03-Nov-19 County Home Tyne & Wear 05-Apr-20 Free Week Secretary with result
10-Nov-19 Free week - Hayling Island  12-Apr-20 Easter  sheet. 
17-Nov-19 D v E  F v B G v A H v C 19-Apr-20 Free Week
24-Nov-19 F v C D v G H v B E v A 26-Apr-20 County Home Bedfordshire
01-Dec-19 County Away Gloucestershire 03-May-20 Free Week League fees can be paid at County games. Failure to pay league fees by 7th June 20, will result in players being ineligible to play in league competitions or represent the Island.
08-Dec-19 E v C A v H B v G F v D 10-May-20 Hayling Island / Welsh Open
15-Dec-19 No Darts Chirstmas Break  17-May-20 Free Week
22-Dec-19 24-May-20 Free Week
29-Dec-19 31-May-20 Free Week
05-Jan-20 B v A D v C F v E H v G 07-Jun-20 Afternoon of Darts. Doors open Noon Reg by 12.45
12-Jan-20 F v H A v C B v D G v E 14-Jun-20 Selsey England Open
19-Jan-20 County Home West of England 21-Jun-20  
26-Jan-20 C v B H v E D v A G v F 28-Jun-20 AGM Superleague 7.00 and County 7.45 Approx
A Ryde A Simeon 614954 E Newport A Vectis 525066
B E.Cowes D Liberal 290432 F Brading B Wheatsheaf 400747
C Brading  A Wheatsheaf 400747 G Sandown C Scruffy Jacks 404354
D Bye     H Shanklin Con Club 863909
Afternoon of darts. Mixed pairs Mens /ladies pairs and Singles. To play: Singles you have to play at least 1 game, Pairs both players need to be registered, Mixed pairs 1 player needs to be registered.
Secretary BRENDA DYER TEL: MOBILE - 07703189076 
Last day to pay league fees is 7th June 2020 failure to pay will result in ineligibility to play in any Superleague competitions. 
Super League AGM: 28 June 2020 - 7pm and County AGM 7.30 @ Simeon Ryde